The John Hawkins Memorial Library

The Leicester Bookbinding Group hold the John Hopkins Memorial Library of books on bookbinding and allied arts, e.g. printing, paper art, etc. The library was founded with a donation of books to the group by Rosemary Hawkins in memory of her husband John Hawkins. John was one of the founder members of the group.

Since its foundation the library has been added to by donation from members and special purchases. In two thousand and nineteen the small library held by the East Midlands Region of the Society of Bookbinders was incorporated into the library. It now contains an extensive collection of books on bookbinding and related subjects.

The books in the library are avaiable for members of the the group and the members of the East Midlands Region of the Society of Bookbinders to borrow. It may also be used, by arrangement, for non-members of either the group or the society, to use as a reference source.

With over a hundred and forty items in it, the John Hawkins Memorial Library is one of the best reference resources available for bookbinders in the East Midlands.

(Last update 3 September 2019)


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