1. Membership of the group is open to any person over the age of eighteen, subject to the discreatioon of the commitee. To qualify as a member you must be enrolled for at least one term a year.
  2. Should you cease to attend classes, your membership will continue for one academic year following the academic year in which you were in attendance for one term.
  3. Members of the group, whether or not they are currently active participants within the group, will have the right to vote at all meetings of the group.
  4. Persons under the age of eighteen may not be members of the group. They may be allowed to attend classes, at the discreation of the committee, where such attendance is part of an approved educational programme established by an educational body recognised by the commitee. Such persons will be granted associate membership.
  5. Persons who have been members of the group but have ceased to attend classes for more than one academic year shall become associate members. Associate members have no voting rights within the group. They may, at the discreation of the members be given permission to address meetings of the group. Associate members of the group will be kept informed of the activities of the group by email.
  6. An associate member of the group may cease to be an associate member of the group either by informing the committee that they no longer wish to be an associate member, or by having their associate membership cancelled by the committee if in the opinion of the committee the associate member has been out of contact with the group for such a length of time as to indicate that they are no longer interested in the activities of the group.
  7. Membership of the group can be withdrawn at any time by a simple majority vote of the membership on the recommendation of the committee to withdraw membership from a specific person. Where membership is withdrawn from a member, they will not be granted associate membership.